3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Caribbean Secrets Moisturizing Mist [The Most Effective Water-Based Moisturizer]

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 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Caribbean Secrets Cosmetics Moisturizing Mist

Do you struggle with keeping your hair moisturized? Is your hair dry and dull looking? Do you suffer from frizziness? Chances are, if you are experiencing these problems, you probably haven't found the right moisturizer. Choosing the right moisturizer is one of the most important and challenging parts of creating an effective hair care regimen. Water is the #1 way to retain moisture. However, the characteristics of water makes it rapidly enter and exit the hair cuticle thus making the hair unable to stay moisturized for long periods of time. This is why applying water alone without the perfect balance of oils or humectants will not keep your hair moisturized. Moisturizers play an important role in replenishing your hair's infrastructure with essential elements that may have been lost due your surroundings, chemical processing, or heat-styling. Moisturizers also prevent the escape of moisture from your hair strands by reinvigorating your hair with nutrients and water, giving your hair a natural glow.

Caribbean Secrets Cosmetics Moisturizing Mist possesses a supreme combination of water, oils and humectants to help your hair maintain moisture throughout the day. Provided below are directions that are designed to help you maximize the use of the Caribbean Secrets Cosmetics Moisturizing Mist: 


Shake Well! Spray onto hair as needed.


So what are the 3 reasons you should be using Caribbean Secrets Moisturizing Mist?

Reason #1- Possesses a Low pH

The pH level of natural curly hair ranges anywhere between 4.5-5.5. Caribbean Secrets Cosmetics Moisturizing Mist possesses a pH ranging roughly between 3.5-4.5 to prevent moisture loss and help your hair maintain a vibrant appearance. The lower the pH of your Moisturizer the better because it'll tighten your hair cuticles, preventing moisture from leaving your hair. However, if the pH is too low it could damage your hair, the same goes if it is too high. It is important that you test the pH of your products because the condition of your hair depends on it! .

Monat is pH Balanced – Got Hair Issues? I've Got Solutions.

Reason #2- Made With Polar Oils

You know how they say water and oils don't mix right? Well thats because water has polar molecules and most oils are non polar making them unable to attract. However, polar oils have a slight attraction for other polar molecules including water and special proteins. 

This is important because curly hair textures need moisture more than any other hair type. In order to prevent moisture from leaving your hair strands you need the perfect blend of polar oils. Polar oils protect well against the entry and exit of moisture as they bind with your hair fibers effectively and do not "cake up" in your hair. Polar oils can easily get rinsed out from your hair. Polar oils also bind well with your hair proteins, making its overall structure stronger. Below is a list of polar oils that we include in the Caribbean Secrets Cosmetics Moisturizing Mist:


A Haitian Treasure: Castor Oil (L'huile Palma Christi/Mascreti)

Caribbean Secrets Cosmetics Moisturizing Mist possesses our favorite polar oil, Pure Unrefined Haitian Black Castor Oil. This polar oil is our favorite because it contains high levels of ricinoleic acid which allows the oil to deeply penetrate your hair shaft, reinforcing it with Omega Fatty Acids, and Vitamin E. Pure Unrefined Haitian Black Castor Oil is also effective in sealing in moisture, maximizing hair growth, and helping to prevent hair breakage.


high angle view of olive oil pouring in bowl on table


Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a light-weight polar oil that makes your hair soft and strong. It is great with sealing in moisture.


Reason #3- Best Source of Moisture

As mentioned above water is the best source of moisture for your hair. However because of water's your moisturizer needs to have the perfect blend of water, oils, and humectants to keep your hair hydrated throughout the day. Not only does the Caribbean Secrets Cosmetics Moisturizing Mist contain the perfect blend of water and polar oils but it also contains a powerful blend of natural humectants that'll not only draw in moisture from the environment to your hair strands, but will also provide your hair with vitamins to keep your hair healthy. Listed below are a couple of humectants that we have included in our Moisturizing Mist formulation.


200+ Free Aloe Vera Plant Pictures and Images


Aloe Vera has many vitamins that play an important part in healthy hair follicles these vitamins include A, B12, C, and E. Aloe vera is also rich in fatty and amino acids. 



Honey has the ability to lock in moisture and shine! It is a natural humectant that is rich in minerals and vitamins making it a the perfect ingredient for the Moisturizing Mist. 


We hope that you have found this blog informative! Stay sexy and always remember... "The deeper the secret, the better the beauty."

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