3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Caribbean Secrets Pre-Poo [Elite Blend of Polar Oils]

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If you're like most people who just embarked in their natural hair care journey, you probably never heard of Pre-shampoo. If you have, then you probably know the harmful effects of what excess exposure to water can do to your hair without the proper use of Pre-Poo.

Pre-poo or pre-shampoo is a conditioning treatment that should be applied to the hair stands before shampooing or wetting the hair. Conditioners and oils are frequently used as pre-poo treatments to seal moisture to the hair shaft. Each time we wet or shampoo our hair, our hair shafts begin to expand to accommodate the increased water that we expose our hair to. During this process of wetting or shampooing, our hair shafts contract and then slowly returns back to its usual size and form once our hair begins to dry. Overtime, our hair fibers begin to get stressed and damaged by the process of constant hair expansion in wet conditions and contraction in dry situations. This is called hygral fatigue (damage to the hair fiber caused by repetitive expansion and contraction do to excess exposure to water). Curly hair types are more prone to breakage and porosity issues, as they absorb more water throughout the washing process than any other hair type, making hygral fatigue much more problematic to curly hair. For example, hygral fatigue can cause the hair cuticle to split.

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According to research, the use of Pre-Poo has the power to protect the hair fibers against hygral fatigue. However, beware of Pre-shampoo products that contain petroleum-derived oils because products that contain natural oils such as Pure Unrefined Haitian Castor Oil will seal in moisture alot more efficiently to promote healthy curly hair.

Caribbean Secrets Cosmetics Pre-Poo possesses the perfect combination of ingredients to protect your hair against hygral fatigue. Provided below are the directions that are listed in the Pre-Poo bottle.



For all Hair-styles:

Twist Nozzle and Apply Caribbean Secrets Pre-Poo onto Your Hair and Scalp, Let Sit for 1-3 Minutes Before Applying Caribbean Secrets Cosmetics Shampoo or Before Exposing Your Hair to Water. 


So what are the 3 reasons you should be using Caribbean Secrets Cosmetics Pre-poo?


Reason #1: Helps Prevent Breakage

Hair breakage is caused in many ways, however one of the most frequent ways is by excess exposure to water thus causing your hair cuticle to fray, split, or crack. The use of Pre-poo will help reinforce your hair fibers, making them stronger and durable under the stress of water exposure.

Reason #2: Seals in Moisture

Curly hair needs more moisture and hydration than any other hair type. If your hair is dry, what is the best way to receive moisture? You've got it! Just add water. However water is constantly moving in and out of your hair so the use of a quality pre-poo and conditioner will help seal in the moisture (water) so that your hair will maintain and stay moisturized throughout the day.

Reason #3: Elite Blend of Polar Oils

Caribbean Secrets Cosmetics Pre-poo is a blend of Polar Oils. Polar oils protect well against the entry and exit of moisture as they bind with your hair fibers effectively and do not "cake up" in your hair. Polar oils can easily get rinsed out from your hair. Polar oils also bind well with your hair proteins, making its overall structure stronger. Polar oils also work well with combating issues such as hygral fatigue. Below is a list of the polar oils and benefits that they carry in the Caribbean Secrets Cosmetics Pre-poo.


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Coconut oil has the ability to easily sink into your hair fibers, providing moisture to control frizziness and heal hair breakage.


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Hemp Seed Oil is a polar oil that prevents an excess amount of water from being absorbed by your hair cuticles. In addition, hemp seed oil helps prevent hair breakage, strengthens hair, and stimulates hair growth.


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Last but certainly not least, Caribbean Secrets Cosmetics Pre-poo possesses our favorite polar oil, Pure Unrefined Haitian Black Castor Oil. This polar oil is our favorite because it contains high levels of ricinoleic acid which allows the oil to deeply penetrate your hair shaft, reinforcing it with Omega Fatty Acids, and Vitamin E. Pure Unrefined Haitian Black Castor Oil is also effective in sealing in moisture, maximizing hair growth, and helping to prevent hair breakage.


We hope that you have found this information useful! Stay sexy...and always remember, "The deeper the secret, the better the beauty."


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