7 Tips on Taking Care of Your Child's Hair [Building a Hair-Care Regimen for Children]

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Congratulations on building a family! We are writing this blog to provide you with suggestions that you can use to ensure that you are providing the best hair-care for your newborn or toddler. Hair care for young children should be minimalist, however it requires much patience. During the early stages of life a child's scalp is extremely sensitive and tender, and the hair fiber itself is undergoing rapid development. Often times, when a child is born, many babies have little texture to their hair. However as they get older and more mature their hair will begin to develop more texture and definition.

That same pattern of growth and development also applies to the newborn's hair thickness. Some newborns may be born with a full head of hair, while others are born with patchy hair growth with very little hair in the front, back, or sides. Please keep in mind that patchy hair growth is normal and that the hair will fill in over time. Below we have provided 7 useful tips that you can use to ensure that your baby's hair grows healthy.



Research shows that babies must always sleep on their backs to prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). Because of this, many newborns develop a bald "rub spot" on the back and/or sometimes on the side of their heads. To remedy this issue we recommend applying a small amount of Caribbean Secrets Cosmetics Original Haitian Black Castor Oil to your baby's scalp go protect it.




To help prevent hair loss we recommend laying your child down on a simple satin blanket. A slippery fabric with an appropriate slip will help prevent the newborn from loosing their hair do to rubbing. These blankets can also be placed behind your baby's head in car seats, bouncers, and stollers to avoid rubbing that leads to hair loss. 


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As silly as this may sound. It is very important to remember not to put any weaves, extensions, heat, color, or chemicals in your newborn's hair. Our textured hair is already fragile but a newborn's hair is extremely fragile and excessive manipulation or styling can slow down the growth of healthy hair in children.


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Moisturization is the heart of any hair care regimen, especially for children. They are great for preparing the hair for detangling and styling. Applying a water based moisturizer is a trick that is use to to prevent your child from feeling uncomfortable when stying their hair. The frequency in which a parent should apply a moisturizer depends on the porosity of the child's hair. A great that you can use for your child's hair is Caribbean Secrets Cosmetics Moisturizing Mist. We recommend using a water-based moisturizer before detangling and styling your baby's hair.




The tools used to maintain and style your child's hair is extremely vital to your child's hair health. The most important thing to keep in mind when selecting hair styling tools is whether or not the tool is constructed in a manner that does not compromise the health of your child's hair. The best and only hair tool that you should use for grooming and detangling your child's hair is a seamless wide tooth detangling comb. Avoid using brushes as this may cause unnecessary breakage.


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Do your remember how it felt to get your hair done by your parent? Most people may have found it be an excruciating experience. This might be the case for your child. Dealing with temper tantrums can be extremely challenging but we must remember to stay patient and committed because the condition of your child's hair is your responsibility.


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Please remember that the texture of your child's hair is fragile and we do not recommend frequent use of shampoo. During the early months of your newborn's life, a simple rinsing of your baby's scalp with warm water during bathing should suffice. You should only use shampoo on your newborn or toddler's hair when their hair is very soiled. For example if your child's hair is dirty from playing outside, swimming, or if they have food in their hair we recommend using a mild shampoo like Caribbean Secrets Cosmetics Shampoo. Only apply a minimal amount to your baby's head (dime to quarter size max). Other shampoos that contain harsh ingredients such as sulfates should be avoided.



We hope that you found this blog useful. Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions or concerns.

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