Top 5 Nutrients That'll Improve Your Overall Hair Health

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Top 5 Nutrients That'll Improve Your Overall Hair Health

Are you eating the right foods? A poor diet is not only detrimental to your body but it will affect other things such as your hair. Having a consistent hair-care regimen is not the only way to have beautiful flowing curls. Intaking the proper nutrients and adding the proper vitamins to your diet should be your top priority in your natural hair-care journey. Incorporating the proper nutrients in your diet will greatly increase the productivity of your hair growth. Foods like salmon, blueberries, spinach, oysters, avocados and pumpkins are just a few to name that contain essential nutrients for your hair. Below we will be discussing the top 5 nutrients that'll improve your overall hair health.


Seven high-protein foods to include in your meals - Food - The Jakarta Post

Proteins are the building blocks of life. Although the human body is able to produce its own basic proteins it is important that you include an adequate amount of protein in your diet because there are essential amino acids (building blocks of protein) that your body is unable to produce that'll reinforce the structure of your hair strands and increase growth and strength. You can find proteins in meat, poultry, fish, eggs, vegetables, beans and rice. We recommend talking to a dietician to find out which would be the best option for you.



Vitamin A Rich Foods, Benefits & Deficiency - HealthifyMe

Vitamins are organic substances made by plants and animals. Vitamin A in particular supports hair growth and fights dandruff. Not enough vitamin A in your diet can lead to slow hair growth, and dry scalp. However too much vitamin A in your diet can lead to coarse, thin, and weak hair. Foods that contain vitamin A are carrots, meats, dark leafy vegetables, watermelon, mangos. apricots, fish oils, and cantaloupe. We recommend talking to a dietician to find out which foods will work best for you.



Vitamin B benefits | Vitamin B complex benefits: Strong immune system, good  digestion and more; food sources rich in B vitamins | Health Tips and News

There are about 8 B vitamins that form the B vitamin complex. Together these B vitamins play a major role in cell growth and repair which are essential for better hair growth. A lack of B vitamins in your diet can lead to hair thinning, graying of hair, dandruff, and severe cases of hair loss. You can find all eight B vitamins in whole grains, poultry, legumes, seafood, leafy greens, and breakfast foods. Provided below is a list of B Complex Vitamins:

Sub-types of Vitamin B | Pharma Life Science

We recommend talking to a dietician to decide what will work best for you. 


Top 20 Foods that are High in Vitamin C | Bodywise

Vitamin C is not only great for boosting your immune system but is also important for promoting hair growth and maintaining strong hair. Vitamin C is also a collagen builder which helps our bodies absorb iron and strengthen your hair. Great sources of vitamin C includes blueberries, citrus fruits, peppers and tomatoes. However we recommend talking to a dietician to find out works best for you.


10 Iron Rich Foods For Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails | Be Beautiful India

Iron is a mineral that comes from the earth's soil which the body needs for growth and development. Its primary role is to carry oxygen form our lungs throughout our bodies. Iron deficiency will lead to dry, dull, and weak hair. The best sources of iron includes dark green leafy vegetables, red meats, fish, kidney beans. Eating foods high in vitamin C helps our bodies absorb iron. We recommend talking to a dietician to find out what works best for you. 



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