10 Benefits of Caribbean Secrets Pure Unrefined Haitian Black Castor Oil [History of Castor Oil]


What is Haitian Castor Oil?

Up until the 19th Century, Haiti was once proclaimed as the "Pearl of the Caribbean" due to the richness and abundance of natural resources that Haiti’s soil is able to produce. However, today we all recognize Haiti as the poorest country of the Western Hemisphere. I urge you all not to let this economic fact confuse you about the true wealth of Haiti and its people. Among the many treasures that Haiti possesses, the one that we will be discussing today is Pure Black Unrefined Haitian Castor Oil which is also known by the Haitian people as lwil maskrit (Haitian Creole). Many people may have first heard of this secret oil through ABC's Shark Tank where investors bought into the idea of using Pure Unrefined Haitian Castor Oil topically as a cosmetic agent.

Caribbean Secrets Pure Unrefined Black Haitian Black Castor Oil will provide your hair and skin with the same abundance and richness that Haiti's land carries as our oil comes straight from the castor seed and directly into each and every single bottle without the use of any solvents or other additives. 

According to Naturally Curly castor oil has been used in Haiti since 1625 where it became known as “the universal cure-all”. In fact, using Haitian Castor Oil is a tradition that is about 100 years older than the use of Jamaican Black Castor Oil which began in 1764. 

From treating acne and relieving yourself from dry, itchy skin, to adding shine and growth to your hair, Haitian Castor Oil is extremely versatile and can be used in many different ways.

However, beware! There are many manufactures out there who assert that they are selling the real deal but in fact they pollute the purity of the oil with hexane, bleach and other additives to change its original dark amber color and remove its nutty scent. So if you are currently using a product that claims it is castor oil but its color is clear, please note that the oil is probably refined and you will not be getting the full benefits of the oil.


Listed below are 10 benefits of Pure Unrefined Haitian Black Castor Oil for your hair and skin:

1. Provides Vitamin E

Haitian Black Castor Oil | Touch of Beauty

The Vitamin E in Haitian Castor Oil contains antioxidant properties that will help repair damaged hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth. Also the Vitamin E in Haitian Castor Oil will increase blood circulation in your scalp and act as a deep moisturizer for your hair. The antioxidant properties in Vitamin E also provide your skin with anti-aging properties to keep your skin looking young and vibrant.

2. Has the Ability to Improve the Appearance of Your Hair and Skin

Studies have shown that when Caribbean Secrets Cosmetics Haitian Black Castor Oil is applied to your hair and skin it will help keep them both looking and feeling healthy.

Tip: Twist nozzle and apply Caribbean Secrets Cosmetics Haitian Black Castor Oil directly to hair and skin when damp after taking a shower to lock in moisture.

3. Contains a High Level of Ricinoleic Acid 

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Ricinoleic acid
is the main fatty acid found in Haitian Castor Oil. This fatty acid allows the Haitian Castor Oil to deeply penetrate your hair and skin to get the most benefits from the oil. When applied to your scalp Haitian Castor Oil will enhance the health of your hair follicles resulting in the promotion of hair growth and the prevention of hair loss. When applied to your skin Haitian Castor Oil becomes an effective moisturizer that deeply penetrates to soothe and soften any dry patches on your skin all the while stimulating elastin and collagen production. Also it has been proven that Haitian Castor contains higher contents of ricinoleic acid than any other oil in the marketplace. Thus, Haitian Castor oil should be implemented into your hair and skin care regimen to improve the overall appearance of your hair and skin.

4. Omega Fatty Acids

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Caribbean Secrets Black Haitian Castor Oil contains Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids which when applied topically increases the overall strength of your hair and skin. Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids also increase hair elasticity and prevents hair loss. When applied to the hair these fatty acids will stimulate growth, increase elasticity and prevent hair loss.  When applied to the skin, the Omega 3 and 9 in Haitian Castor oil seals in moisture, leaving your skin feeling soft and nourished. Lastly, Omega Fatty acids improve brain function, so when applied to the hair and skin Haitian Castor Oil will actually make you smarter (just kidding, we think lol).

5. Increases Eyelash Growth

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The best way to achieve effective results with Caribbean Secrets Black Haitian Castor Oil is to implement it into you daily morning and evening routine. Generally, it takes about 3-6 months for eyelashes to grow back and for you to notice a difference in their thickness, length, and overall appearance.

Tip: When applying to your eyelashes twist open nozzle, add a drop or two of Caribbean Secrets Black Haitian Castor Oil to a cotton swab or Spoolie brush (mascara brush), and gently apply to eyelashes. After a short period of time of consistent use you may notice that your eyelashes will appear thicker and more luster.

To learn more check out this awesome blog written about eyelash growth.

6. Increases Growth of Eyebrows

When applied directly to your eyebrows Caribbean Secrets Black Haitian Castor Oil moisturizes your eyebrows and has the ability to stimulate growth and make them appear thicker with more luster.

Tip: Apply Caribbean Secrets Black Haitian Castor Oil before bed, twist open nozzle, massage or apply with a cotton swab on your eyebrows and rinse off the next morning with warm water. 

7. Increases Hair Growth

Caribbean Secrets Black Haitian Castor Oil increases hair growth by inducing blood circulation to the scalp. Although studies have shown that Caribbean Secrets Haitian Black Castor Oil will help stimulate your hair follicles that already has produced hair growth before, others may find that Caribbean Secrets Haitian Black Castor Oil produces growth where their hair follicles are naturally thin. 

Tip: Twist nozzle and apply Caribbean Secrets Haitian Black Castor Oil directly to scalp and hair strands. May use as a pre-poo, moisturizer, styling aid, or conditioner. You may also add Caribbean Secrets Haitian Black Castor Oil to your favorite hair products to enhance its moisturizing and hair growth effects.

8. Makes Hair Stronger

As mentioned above, Caribbean Secrets Haitian Black Castor Oil contains Omega Fatty Acids and other essential nutrients that enables your hair to lock in moisture thus making your hair more durable and strong.

Tip: Twist nozzle and use Caribbean Secrets Haitian Black Castor Oil as often as needed. Learn your hair type and use product according to what your hair can handle.

9. Increases Beard Growth

Massaging Pure Unrefined Haitian Castor Oil to your beard is one of the best ways to help it grow as it will increase circulation and stimulate growth. Caribbean Secrets Haitian Black Castor Oil will also help prevent beard shedding.

Tip: For maximum beard growth we recommend massaging Caribbean Secrets Haitian Black Castor Oil and Vicks Vapor Rub onto your beard after damping it with warm water before going to bed.

10. Supports Healing

When applied topically Caribbean Secrets Black Haitian Castor Oil may help heal wounds, scars, and dry-patchy skin. Also, its anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties may help fight dandruff and other scalp infections.

Tip: Apply Caribbean Secrets Haitian Black Castor Oil as often as needed.

If you are interested in implementing Haitian Castor Oil to your Skin and Hair Care Regimen, try any one of our Caribbean Secrets Cosmetic’s Pure Unrefined Haitian Black Castor Oils.

If you are looking for extreme hair growth we recommend trying our Peppermint Haitian Castor Oil.

Also, if you are interested in learning how our Haitian Castor is made click on the following link, How Haitian Castor Oil Is Made .


Stay Sexy...and always remember, “The deeper the secret, the better the beauty.”

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