5 Ways to Prepare Your Hair Before Bed [Do’s & Don’ts]

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Sleep-time is an important time for rejuvenation and rest for your body, mind, skin, and your hair! It is important that before you sleep you prepare your hair for the next morning to prevent breakage and promote maximum growth. Below we will list 5 tips that you can use to maximize on your night time routine. 

1. Oil Your Scalp

One of the secrets to hair growth is oiling your scalp before bed. Applying a polar oil blend before bed will help stimulate your scalp and hair follicles to promote hair growth and strength. Oiling your scalp before bed can also reduce split ends add volume and thicken your hair.

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We recommend oiling your scalp with Caribbean Secrets Cosmetics Haitian Black Castor Oil or Caribbean Secrets Cosmetics Pre-Poo.

2. Use a Satin Bonnet

Be sure to cover your hair with a satin bonnet before going to bed. Why satin? When  covering your hair with satin, the fabric acts as a protective barrier against moisture-absorbing bed fabrics such as cotton. Bed fabrics like cotton can dry out your hair leading to breakage, frizziness, and spit ends. When tying your hairstyle with a satin bonnet before bed your hair will not only be protected but it will also allow your hairstyle to stay fresher longer, and maintain moisture for the next day.

3. Keep Hair Styling to a Minimum

When styling your hair at night it is important to keep it to a minimum, just enough to keep your hair in place for the next day. Sleeping in tight ponytails and wearing hair styling tools such as bobby pins, rollers, and clips should be avoided to prevent breakage and stress to your hair strands when twisting and turning at night while sleeping. Any ponytails worn before going to bed should be loosened and placed near the top of your head to avoid causing any breakage to the sides and edges of your scalp. Below we have listed popular hairstyles and suggested methods that you can implement to your night-time routine to help preserve your hair.

Buns, Twists, and Braids: These styles can be moisturized, oiled and gently reshaped before bed.

Braid Outs and Twist Outs: Can be misted, oiled and rebraided/retwisted before bed.  

 Recommended Products:

We recommend using Caribbean Secrets Cosmetics Moisturizing Mist to mist your hair. 

4. Moisturize Your Hair

Moisturizing your hair before bed is extremely beneficial. When we sleep we often toss and turn, adding tension and friction to our hair fibers, however the proper moisturizer will improve the elasticity of the hair and create a layer of protection against dryness and hair breakage.

Recommended Products: 
We recommend using Caribbean Secrets Cosmetics Crème to moisturize you hair before bed.

5. Dry Your Hair Before Going to Bed

It is important to dry your hair before going to bed because hair is most fragile when it is wet. Tossing and turning with wet hair while sleeping can lead to breakage and damage. However if you need to dry your hair before sleeping, remember to avoid drying your curly hair with a cotton towel because fabrics such as cotton absorbs moisture and can cause friction to your hair strands, which can also lead to breakage. It is best to let your textured hair air dry or use a blow dryer before going to bed. 

We hope that this blog has helped improve your night-time routine! Please use this information at your discretion to better approach your hair care journey.


Stay sexy and always remember. . . 
"The deeper the secret, the better the beauty."

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